Thursday, November 3, 2011

Secret Spy Day

Yesterday we had plans to meet some friends at a mall for a playdate but the universe had a different plan  for us when it decided to hide the car keys in Aiden's Dad's coat pocket, which went with him to work. To make extra sure that we carried out the universe's plan, the universe also hid the spare car key in a place that we've yet to discover. Not only were we carless but we were also stroller and infant carrierless as these were both locked in the car.

So what to do when you are stuck at home, without a car and a stroller? Have a secret spy day of course. Here's a list of what Agent 00 Aiden and Agent 00 Mom did on our secret spy day:

The Secret Spy Day Activity List
1. Go on a stealth mission through the complex to the mailbox (see later post for explanation).
2. Disguise the entrance to our underground secret base with various natural things, like leaves, sticks, woodchips and rocks found in the yard.
3. Create secret spy messages on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk.
4. Create decoy Agents by dressing up teddy bears and Aiden's plushy monkey, Thelonius, in Aiden's clothes and shoes.
5. Find spy equipment in the pit of rice sand, (see previous post on rice sand).
6. Test our agility on our indoor spy obstacle course (pillows, tunnels, ottoman, sofas, and ride on toys).
Teaching Elmo to Drive the Getaway Vehicle
7. Make a getaway car using a laundry basket, some blankets and a toy steering wheel.
8. Make some spy goo (magic mud - see future post for recipe) to trap our enemies.
9. Make a spy base using blankets, sheets and chairs as the frame.
10. Make lego spy planes, bases, cars, boats and cities.

Although we missed seeing our friends, we had a pretty fun day being spies at home. Thanks universe for hiding the keys!

Creatively yours,
Maya :)

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